ACS has two flagship publications that are integral to its knowledge transfer mandate. The Canadian Issues magazine showcases academic work in the form of short essays designed to expand Canadians’ knowledge about their country. A second publication, Canadian Diversity, introduced in 2000, focuses on the challenges confronting Canada and other countries arising from migration and rapid demographic change.

A third publication - The Metropolis eBook - highlights a selection of the cutting-edge cross-sectoral presentations in the immigration field intended for the annual Metropolis Canada Conferences.


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Canadian Issues

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(Re) Making Confederation: (Re) Imagining Canada

Contributors: Penney Clark, Alan Sears, Stéphane Lévesque, Peter Seixas, Chantal Richard, Margaret Conrad, Connie Wyatt Anderson, Phyllis E. LeBlanc, Alan MacEachern, Timothy J. Stanley

Date: 13 November, 2014

Key Topics: Canadian History, Canadian Issues, Cities, Migration, Quebec, Social History

Newcomers’ Experiences of Housing and Homelessness in Canada

Contributors: Daniel Hiebert, Michael Haan, Sarah Wayland, Bruce Newbold, Stephen Gaetz, Emily Paradis, Sylvia Novac, Monica Sarty, David Hulchanski, Valerie Preston, Ann Marie Murnaghan, Robert Murdie, Jennifer Logan, Jane Wedlock, Uzo Anucha, Sandeep Agrawal, Silvia D’Addario, Min Jung Kwak, Fran Klodawsky, Tim Aubry, Rebecca Nemiroff, Kathy Sherrell, Jenny Francis, Priya Kissoon, Laura Simich, Damaris Rose, Sylvie Paré, Annick Germain, Xavier Leloup, Hélène Bohemier, Myriam Bérubé, Tom Carter, Jim Gurnett, Carolina Gajardo, Carlos Teixera, Barry Halliday

Date: 13 November, 2010

Key Topics: Canadian Issues, Cities, Heritage, Migration, Social History

Journeys of a Generation: Broadening the Aboriginal Well-Being Policy Research Agenda

Contributors: Dan Beavon, Daniel Jette, Martin Cooke, Eric Guimond, Norbert Robitaille, Sacha Senecal, Stewart Clatworthy, Rachel Eni, Tara Trakash, Michelle Mann, Jessica Ball, Cheryl Aman, Cherly Matthew, Jeremy Hill, Chantelle Richmond, Marc Fonda, Jack Jedwab, Russell Lapointe, Nikolaos L. Liodakis, Bert Waslander, Erik Anderson

Media, Official Language Minorities and Community Vitality

Contributors: Jean-Benoit Nadeau, Dyane Adams, Rodrigue Landry, Martin Murphy, Annie Bedard, Aharon Mccully, Marc Johnson, John Kalbfleish, Sylvain Lafrance, Armand Caron, Bernard Asselin, Andre Larocque, Andrew Phillips, Patricia Pleszczynska, Serge Paquin, Jack Jedwab

Who Controls Canada’s Media?

Contributors: Adrienne Clarkson, Kenneth J. Goldstein, Gordon Fisher, Russel Mills, Lawrence Surtees, Terence Corcoran, Paule Beaugrand-Champagne, Noreen Golfman, Candis Callison, Theirry Giasson, Christopher Dornan

Date: 13 July, 2003

Key Topics: Canadian History, Canadian Issues, Cities, Technology & Media

Immigration: Opportunities and Challenges

The term "branding" which at one time evoked images of hot irons and bawling cattle has come to mean the perceived set of qualities that renders something unique...that distinguishes an entity from other, similar entities. For obvious reasons, "branding" has long been of concern to the private sector where companies work hard to differentiate their products from those of their competitors. More recently, however, the term has found its way into our policy discourse. We thus find public officials talking about how to "brand" Canada in today's global world: how to create and sustain an image of the country that is both appealing and true, an image that attracts outsiders, creates interest and produces a willingness to do business and to partner with Canada in shared ventures, be they political or economic.Contributors: Dyane Adam, Jean Augustine, John Biles, Meyer Burstein, Richard Bourhis, Paul W. R. Bowlby, Denis Coderre, François Crépeau, Howard Duncan, Rosaline Frith, Shiva S. Halli, Daniel Hiebert, Abdolmohammad Kazemipur, Jean Lock Kunz, Peter S. Li, Annie Montreuil, Elizabeth Ruddick, Anver Saloojee, Myer Siemiatycki, Daniel Stoffman, Arthur Sweetman

Our Cities

Contributors: Mel Lastman, Gérald Tremblay, Peter Kelly, Douglas Norris, Cindy-Ann Bryant, Larry Bourne, Maurice Beaudin, Rodrigue Landry, Sylvia Bashevkin, Raphël Fischler, Jino Distasio, Andrew Sancton, David Crombie , Glenn Miller, Vera Danyluk, The Assembly of First Nations, Ron Keenberg

Date: 13 January, 2003

Key Topics: Canadian History, Canadian Issues, Cities, Migration, Social History

Our Vanishing Industries

Although Canada ceased being a rural society a long time ago, many of the remaining rural communities are in danger of disappearing. With the depletion of many of the resources such as fish and minerals and the tremendous changes in agriculture, many communities have simply lost their reason to exist. Whether in Newfoundland, Cape Breton, the Gaspé, across the Prairies or in British Columbia, communities that have depended on the resource sector are vanishing. This issue of Canadian Issues/Thèmes Canadiens examines this important Canadian problem.Contributors : Steven High, Anthony Davis, David Frank, John C. O’donnell’ Judy Piercey, Pat Chamut, Dan Edwards, Cherly Wilson, Melvin Baker, Johanne Castonguay, Rick Beaton, Ingeborg Boyens, Leonard J. Evenden