ACS has two flagship publications that are integral to its knowledge transfer mandate. The Canadian Issues magazine showcases academic work in the form of short essays designed to expand Canadians’ knowledge about their country. A second publication, Canadian Diversity, introduced in 2000, focuses on the challenges confronting Canada and other countries arising from migration and rapid demographic change.

A third publication - The Metropolis eBook - highlights a selection of the cutting-edge cross-sectoral presentations in the immigration field intended for the annual Metropolis Canada Conferences.


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Canadian Issues

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The Futuristic Past: Technology, Memory and History in the Age of AI

Contributors: Randy Boswell, Dr. Guy Berthiaume, Dr. Jaigris Hodson, Moysés Marcos, Benjamin C. Storm, Dr. Stéphane Lévesque, Anthony Wilson-Smith, Jack Jedwab, Ian Milligan, Deborah Morrison, Dr. Nancy Salay, Robert Cassidy

Date: November 13, 2018

Key Topics: Canadian History, Canadian Issues, Social History, Technology & Media

Towards a New Blueprint for Canada’s Recorded Memory

Contributors: Marion Beyea, Marcel Caya, Lara Wilson, Ian E. Wilson, Hervé Déry, Normand Charbonneau, Lois K. Yorke,, Tom Nesmith, Michel Banville, Luciana Duranti, Corinne Rogers, Jack Jedwab

Date: January 13, 2014

Key Topics: Canadian History, Canadian Issues, Technology & Media

Media, Official Language Minorities and Community Vitality

Contributors: Jean-Benoit Nadeau, Dyane Adams, Rodrigue Landry, Martin Murphy, Annie Bedard, Aharon Mccully, Marc Johnson, John Kalbfleish, Sylvain Lafrance, Armand Caron, Bernard Asselin, Andre Larocque, Andrew Phillips, Patricia Pleszczynska, Serge Paquin, Jack Jedwab

The Impact of Digital Technology on Canadian Culture

Contributors: Victor Rabinovitch, Jacques Bensimon, Joy Cohnstaedt, Marcel Fournier, Will Straw, Darin Barney, Michael Geist, Marco Adria, Jack Jedwab, Karen Yigit, Minelle Mahtani, Michael Rushton, Martin Rose, Katherine Watson, Nicolas Gachon

Date: January 13, 2007

Key Topics: Canadian History, Canadian Issues, Social History, Technology & Media

Hate on the Net

Contributors: Mary Gusella, Bernie Farber, Russell Juriansz, Jane Bailey, Mark Freiman, Monette Maillet, Mryon Claridge, Chris Wolf, Andrea Slane

Who Controls Canada’s Media?

Contributors: Adrienne Clarkson, Kenneth J. Goldstein, Gordon Fisher, Russel Mills, Lawrence Surtees, Terence Corcoran, Paule Beaugrand-Champagne, Noreen Golfman, Candis Callison, Theirry Giasson, Christopher Dornan

Date: July 13, 2003

Key Topics: Canadian History, Canadian Issues, Cities, Technology & Media

Communication and the Shaping of Canada

Contributors: Marco Adria, Michel Filion, Magda Fusaro, Colin Hoskins, Stuart Mcfadyen, Adam Finn, Graham Longford, Rowland Lormier, Robert Rabinovitch, Enn Raudsepp, Alexandre Sevigny, Leslie Regan Shade, Tracy Summerville, Riached Sutherlend, Mary Vipond

Our Vanishing Industries

Contributors : Steven High, Anthony Davis, David Frank, John C. O’donnell’ Judy Piercey, Pat Chamut, Dan Edwards, Cherly Wilson, Melvin Baker, Johanne Castonguay, Rick Beaton, Ingeborg Boyens, Leonard J. Evenden