ACS has two flagship publications that are integral to its knowledge transfer mandate. The Canadian Issues magazine showcases academic work in the form of short essays designed to expand Canadians’ knowledge about their country. A second publication, Canadian Diversity, introduced in 2000, focuses on the challenges confronting Canada and other countries arising from migration and rapid demographic change.

A third publication - The Metropolis eBook - highlights a selection of the cutting-edge cross-sectoral presentations in the immigration field intended for the annual Metropolis Canada Conferences.


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Editorial Guideline

Canadian Issues

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Final Report

Date: 26 July, 2023

Key Topics: WES

Digital Champions Implementation Guide

Date: 29 June, 2023

Key Topics: WES

Focus Group Narrative Report

Date: 17 August, 2022

Key Topics: WES

Literature Review

Date: 31 October, 2021

Key Topics: Other, WES