Metropolis Francophonie Mondiale Conference

Migration, Integration, Inclusion


Metropolis Francophonie Mondiale CONFERENCE

December 16 to 17, 2021 - To be held virtually


Migration is a reality that has shaped humanity since the dawn of time. Accelerated by globalization and climate change, it is today a major issue for the countries of the francophone world. These countries spread over the five continents are at the same time places of departure, transit, destination and reception of migrants. The arrival and departure of these women and men deeply impacts the economic, social, political and cultural spheres of these countries. Despite the great diversity of realities within the Francophone world, all of these countries have in common the challenges and opportunities created by migratory flows.

During its inaugural edition in December 2021, the Metropolis Francophonie Mondiale Conference proposes to create an opportunity for dialogue and knowledge sharing on the complex issues of migration by opening the door to all stakeholders within the Francophonie.

Building on the growing impact of the Metropolis conferences and forums organized for over 20 years, the Association for Canadian Studies has responded to the demand from stakeholders for a dedicated platform for dialogue within the French-speaking world. Based on the model of the annual Metropolis Canada and Metropolis North America events, the Metropolis Francophonie Mondiale Conference (MFM) will annually convene representatives from academia and think-tanks, policy makers and governments, civil society organizations, as well as international institutions originating from or affiliated with Francophone countries, including those who are directly affected by forced or voluntary migration. 


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