Latest Past Events

Webinar – Canadian Identities and the Nation of Minorities

Whether Canada can be seen as a "nation of minorities" is increasingly pertinent amidst its rapidlyshifting demographics. In this webinar, Jack Jedwab, President and CEO of the Metropolis Institute andthe Association for Canadian Studies will present the outcomes of a national survey exploring howCanadians perceive their identities when unprompted-- Do they see themselves as part […]


Webinar – Exploring Canada’s Immigration Perspectives: Insights from Service Providers

The perception of immigration among Canadians has undergone significant shifts. At the beginning of2023, some 20% of Canadians felt that too many immigrants were coming to the country but by the endof the year, the figure rose to more than 40%. Reported concerns around the number of newcomersentering Canada mainly revolved around economic factors, particularly […]


Metropolis Wabinar

Join us for the first Metropolis Wabinar on Friday, 10 November at 12pm (EST) for a detailed analysis of our latest survey by Jack Jedwab on International Tensions: Hate Expression and the State of Relations Between Communities in Canada. Jack will present key survey findings for 30 minutes followed by a 30 minute Q&A! Register now as space is limited!