Metropolis Institute presents many forums, symposiums and conferences every year on the themes of immigration, refugees and settlement. During the COVID-19 pandemic all events were held on-line virtually and most events will be transitioned back to in person events as we move out of the pandemic situation. Our events are either national or international in scope and attendance and are run virtually and in person and range from one day webinars, and symposiums to two day forums to 3-5 day conferences.

Metropolis Canada Conference

Metropolis Canada is the largest annual national gathering of researchers, policy makers and representatives from community and settlement organizations working in the field of immigration and settlement in Canada. The event connects up to 1,000 attendees annually to discuss emerging issues, identify and set research priorities and inform policy regarding immigration, refugees settlement and integration in Canada. This network continues to expand across many regions and sectors in Canada. Conference partners include all three levels of government universities, Immigrant service providers and a number of other organizations and institutions. The conference features plenary sessions, keynote speakers over 100 workshop, panela and roundtable sessions, as well as exhibitors, poster presentations and special events and activities.

Metropolis North America

The annual Metropolis North America (MNA)  Migration Policy Forum has become an important three-country platform for exchanging evidence-based ideas and practices on migration. The Forum enables participants to share knowledge and key lessons around the United States, Mexico and Canada’s migration policies and trends. Respect and recognition of borders, boundaries and jurisdictions remain at the very center of North American debates over migration. Addressing challenges to national migration systems in North America requires ongoing interaction and cooperation between the three countries.


Metropolis Francophonie Mondiale

Building on the growing impact of the Metropolis conferences and forums organized for over 20 years, the Metropolis Institute has responded to the demand from stakeholders for a dedicated platform for dialogue within the French-speaking world. Based on the model of the annual Metropolis Canada and Metropolis North America events, the Metropolis Francophonie Mondiale Conference (MFM)  convenes representatives from academia and think-tanks, policy makers and governments, civil society organizations, as well as international institutions originating from or affiliated with Francophone countries, including those who are directly affected by forced or voluntary migration.