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(Re) Making Confederation: (Re) Imagining Canada

Contributors: Penney Clark, Alan Sears, Stéphane Lévesque, Peter Seixas, Chantal Richard, Margaret Conrad, Connie Wyatt Anderson, Phyllis E. LeBlanc, Alan MacEachern, Timothy J. Stanley

1967 to 2017: Canada Transformed

Contributors: Randy Boswell, Dominique Clément, Jack Bumsted, Ken McGoogan, Veronica Strong-Boag, Victor Rabinovitch, Nelson Wiseman, Jean-Phillippe Warren, Jack Jedwab

30 Years of Multiculturalism

Contributors: Tamara Palmer Seiler, Augie Fleras, Joanna Anneke Rummens: Jack Jedwab, Rashmi Luther, Laurie S. Wiseberg, James W. St.G. Walker, John Biles, Peter F. Flegel

A look at 50 years since the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism

Contributors: Maxwell Yalden, Graham Fraser, Linda Cardinal, François Boileau, Matthew Hayday, Jean-Pierre Corbeil, Michael MacMillan, Jean-Charles St-Louis, Alain-G. Gagnon

A New Beginning: First Edition

Contributors: Jack Jedwab; Jean Augustine; Hector Mackenzie; John Biles; Brian Osborne; Evangelia Tastsoglou; Jean Harvey; Yvonne Hébert; Minelle Mahtani; Peter Li; Cynthia Baker; Paul Bramadat; Mustafa Koc; Jennifer Welsh

A Qualitative Analysis of COVID-19’s Impact on Indigenous and Migrant Communities in the United States Southwest

Indigenous and Migrant communities in the southern Arizona borderlands are positioned along a unique social, political, and historical confluence. An analysis of their experiences during the COVD19 pandemic must be understood within the following context:

A-HISTORICAL Look at John A. Macdonald? Seeing Canada’s First Prime Minister in the Context of His and Our Times

Contributors: Randy Boswell, Thomas H.B. Symons, Desmond Morton, Donald Wright, Bob Rae, E.A. Heaman, Patrice Dutil, Barbara Messamore, James Daschuk

Aboriginal Immigrant Relations Today

Contributors: Sylvia Kasparian, Chief Robert Joseph, Jessie Sutherland, Lucia Madariaga-Vignudo, Baldwin Wong, Karen Fong, Wade Grant, Becky Sasakamoose Kuffner, Smita Garg, Christophe Traisnel, Brian Harrison, Mary Jane Norris, Seema Ahluwalia, Wang Hongyan

Protected: About Immigration: Going Beyond Myths

Special Edition - A collection of texts by Victor Piché
Contributors: Victor Piché; Danièle Bélanger; Richard Marcoux; Jack Jedwab; Lama Kabbanji; François Crépeau

Asking the Right Questions in the Empirical Measurement of Security, Terrorism and Counter Terrorism

Contributors: Jack Jedwab; Priyo Ghosh; Kamaldeep Bhui; Stuart N. Soroka; Joshua D. Freilich; Steven Chermak; Jamie Bartlett; Carl Miller; Erica Chenoweth; Jez Littlewood; Tinka M. Veldhuis; Eelco J. A. M. Kessels; Alexander Hull; Amaranth Amarasingam; Adam Stewart

Balancing Competing Human Rights

This issue has been supported by the Ontario Human Rights Commission
Contributors: Barbara Hall; Shaheen Azmi; Lorne Foster; Lesley Jacobs; Shauna Van Praagh; Stephen L. Newman; Iain Benson; Errol P. Mendes; Particia Hughes; Richard Moon; Anver M. Emon; Lauren Bates; Miriam Smith; Gary Yee; Janet Epp Buckingham; Richard Moon; Patricia Hughes