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Shifting Landscapes – English-speaking Quebec and the Official Languages Act

This issue has been supported by QCGN.
Contributors: Geoffrey Chambers; Miriam Taylor; David Johnston; Graham Fraser; Sylvia Martin-Laforge; Camille Harper; Anthony Housefather; Marion Sandilands; Jack Jedwab

The Deep Diversity of English-Speaking Quebecers

Contributors: Charles Boberg; Jack Jedwab; Michael Rosenberg; Guy Rodgers; Roderick Macdonald; Lorraine O'Donnell; Spyridoula Xenocostas; Catherine Montgomery; Andreanne Boisjoli; Leith Hamilton; Gina Valle; Michele Vatz Laaroussi; Rachel Garber; Patrick Donovan; Rita Legault; Richard Y. Bourhis; David Birnbaum

The Experience of Second Generation Canadians

This issue has been supported by the Multiculturalism and Human Rights Program at Canadian Heritage
Contributors: Audrey Kobayashi; Lorna Jensen; Min Zhou; Jennifer Lee; Maurice Crul; Monica Boyd; Jack Jedwab; Mark Mcdonald; Carsten Quell; Nicole Gallant; John W. Berry; Richard N. Lalonde; Yvonne Hébert; Lori Wilkinson; Meghan Brooks; Vappu Tyyska; Michele Byers; Maryse Potvin; Rubina Ramji; Sébastien Arcand; Esther Rootham; Miu Chung Yan; Fernando Nunes

The Fight is Ours: The Potential of Municipalities to Eliminate Discrimination

Special Edition - 10th anniversary of the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities against Racism and Discrimination
Contributors: Canadian Commission for UNESCO, Marcello Scarone Azzi, Benoit Fortin, Marcella Daye, Meghan Brooks, Caroline Andrew, Fran Klodawsky, David Newhouse, Larry McDermott, Aaron Bell, Aruna Alexander, Cheryl Young, Geralyn MacDonald, Kim Dudley, Linda Fapp, Lois Emburg, Clara Freire, Roy Pogorzelski, Jeff Gerenstein, Lisa Tiffin, Kathelynn Northam, Pierre-Luc Vezina-Labelle, Gabrielle Fayant, Ken Zolotar, Derek Bentley, Jennifer Kuhl, Denise De Long, Anna Maria Fiore, Megan Richardson, April Sora, Becky Sasakamoose-Kuffner, Parker Johnson, Louis-Patrick Comeau, Jacques Briand, Ginger Gosnell-Myers, Rajpal Kohli, Michelle Cho, Eric Beaulieu, Sylvia Pariss, Aran Sarikyan, Anita Bromberg, Angie Osachoff, Cassie Palamar, Danika Billie Littlechild

The Many Gods of Canada: Religion, Secularism and Public Policy

This issue has been supported by the Ryerson University
Contributors: Haroon Siddiqui; Dr. Myer Siemiatycki; John Ralston Saul; Dr. Richard Atleo; Kimberly Murray; Dr. Lori Beaman; Dr. Paul Bramadat; Dr. Joyce Smith; Rabbi Elyse Goldstein; Dr. Ingrid Mattson; Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam; Dr. Mark Freiman; Azeezah Kanji; Dr. Jim Turk; Sara Ali; Caleb H. De Jong

The Practice of Canadian Diversity

Contributors: Julie Perrone; Jack Jedwab; Raluca Bejan; Sinela Jurková; Ceta Ramkhalawansingh; Solange Lefebvre; Lori Beaman G.; Augie Fleras

The State of Canada’s Linguistic Duality

Contributors: Rodrigue Landry; Kenneth Deveaut; Réal Allard; Nicole Gallant; Jack Jedwab; Annie Pilote; Marie-Odile Magnan
*Some articles are only available in French

The Value of Our Rights

Contributors: Jack Jedwab; Abdelwahed Mekki-Berrada; Diana Cardenas; Elodie Roebroeck; Mathieu Pelletier-Dumas; Roxanne De La Sablonnière; Richard Y. Bourhis; Rana Sioufi; Shaha El-Geledi; Shauna Van Praagh; Ahmed Boubeker; Jean-Pierre Proulx; Victor Armony; Celine Cooper; Laurence J Kirmayer; Jaswant Guzder; Lamine Foura; Morton Weinfeld; Denise Helly
*Some articles are only available in French

Thirty-five years of Canadian Multiculturalism, 1971-2006: Issues, Ideas and Insights

Contributors: Jack Jedwab; Lloyd L. Wong; Denise Helly; Augie Fleras; Grace-edward Galabuzi; Karen R. Mock; Ayman Al-yassini; Yasmeen Abu-laban; Kamal Dib; Douglas L. Palmer; James Frideres; Madeline A. Kalbach; Vic Satzewich; Shiva S. Halli; Usha George; David Ley; Avigail Eisenberg; Patricia Rimok; Michael Adams; Gerald L. Gall; Marion Boyd; Patrice Brodeur; Micheline Milot; Par Maurice Chalom; Kent Roach; Jacques Duchesneau; Linton Garner

Welcoming Immigrants and Refugees to Canada: The Role of Municipalities

Authors: Paul Holley and Jack Jedwab (Association for Canadian Studies)

Developed by CCUNESCO in partnership with UNESCO's International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities and the International Observatory of Mayors Living Together.