COVID-19 – Immigration in a Time of Pandemic: Confronting the Challenge

Date: 2 October, 2020 Key Topics: Canadian Diversity, Publication


This issue has been supported by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

Contributors: Victor Piché; Jane Badets; John Biles; Wendy Cukier; Miki Itano-Boase; Akalya Atputharajah; June Francis; Kristina Henriksson; Ilene Hyman; Bilkis Vissandjee; Joan Atlin; Graham Hudson; Chloé Cébron; Rachel Laberge Mallette; Bronwyn Bragg; Lori Wilkinson; Cary Wu; Rima Wilkes; Yue Qian; Eric B. Kennedy; Fariborz Birjandian; Karen O’Leary; Don Boddy; Miriam Taylor.

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