Communication and the Shaping of Canada


However we define a national community, there can be little doubt that its existence and, ultimately, its success, will hinge on a social process of communication. This process allows for the exchange of ideas about the nature of the nation and deepens a sense of its norms, values, cultural markers and symbols. This edition of Canadian Issues contains a wide range of papers on this important subject and provides readers with a wealth of information and scholarship about the world of communication in the shaping of our nation.

Contributors: Marco Adria, Michel Filion, Magda Fusaro, Colin Hoskins, Stuart Mcfadyen, Adam Finn, Graham Longford, Rowland Lormier, Robert Rabinovitch, Enn Raudsepp, Alexandre Sevigny, Leslie Regan Shade, Tracy Summerville, Riached Sutherlend, Mary Vipond