Who Am I? Reflections on Measuring Ethnic Ancestry in Canada

Date: 1, July, 2020 Thématique: Canadian Issues Article, Heritage

This article is an excerpt from CITC The Personal Past: History, Identity and the Genealogical Impulse (Spring/Summer 2020)

Author: Jane Badets served as Canada’s Assistant Chief Statistician, Social, Health and Labour Field, where she had responsibility for a broad range of social statistics including health, justice, education, labour, income, immigration, Indigenous peoples, population estimates and demography. She was also responsible for Statistics Canada’s microdata access program, including its Research Data Centres. Now retired, Ms. Badets previously held a number of other senior positions at Statistics Canada, including responsibility for the Education, Labour and Income Statistics Branch, and for the Census Subject Matter, Social and Demographic Branch. Throughout her career, Ms. Badets worked on various Censuses of Population. She oversaw the content and analysis of the 2016 Census. Ms. Badets has authored several articles and publications on immigration and ethnicity. She holds two graduate degrees, including a Master’s in Public Administration. Her undergraduate degree was in political science and economics.


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