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Association for Canadian Studies

A non-profit organization dedicated to raising public awareness and leading conversations about Canada’s past, present, and future.

Metropolis Institute

Canada’s premier independent think tank specialized in the field of migration, integration and inclusion.

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About the Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) & the Metropolis Institute

In 1973, the ACS was created with the mandate of supporting and promoting the academic field of Canadian Studies as well as initiating activities and projects associated within a broad spectrum of the study of Canada. We pursued activities common to learned societies, including an annual conference and a peer-reviewed journal – Canadian Issues – which eventually evolved into a magazine format that showcased academic work as short essays. As of 2000, a second publication was introduced named Canadian Diversity, focusing on the challenges confronting Canada and other countries arising from migration and rapid demographic change. Since then, we have produced over 150 editions of the two publications with well over 1000 contributing authors.

We began collecting public opinion data and conducting demographic analysis in order to advise government and non-government bodies about how best to expand Canadians’ knowledge about their country. Our research capacity soon expanded to examining Canadians’ multiple identities, their sense of belonging, support for language duality and views around various facets of diversity, equality and inclusion. The regular dissemination of data and analysis from this research has seen us become one of the most referenced organizations in media across the country.

In 2012, the ACS assumed the coordination of the Metropolis Canada conference that was founded over a decade prior by what was then referred to as Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The Metropolis Canada Conference continues to be the country’s largest annual gathering of immigration service-provider organizations (SPOs), policymakers, academics and researchers that examines newcomer settlement and integration. We have also expanded our research capacity with an increased focus on immigration, creating our flagship research project – the Canadian Index for Measuring Integration and Inclusion – in 2015. Further, we have initiated additional multilateral knowledge transfer platforms with the Metropolis North America Migration Policy Forum and the 2021 launch of Metropolis Francophonie Mondiale. Together, these initiatives form the basis of the Metropolis Institute, Canada’s premier independent think tank specialized in the field of migration, integration and inclusion.

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