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Canada’s premier independent think tank specialized in the field of migration, integration and inclusion

The Metropolis Institute (MI) pursues research and supports policy deliberations while providing key national and multinational platforms for knowledge mobilization.

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Envisioning the Future of the Immigrant Serving Sector

Between 2021-2023, the Metropolis Institute - in partnership with World Education Services - will be conducting nationwide research to discover how to strengthen the immigrant-serving sector so that it is more responsive, collaborative, innovative, and sustainable. We’ll be identifying actionable solutions and new models by engaging service providers, newcomers, policymakers, employers and other stakeholders.

with uMetropolis

An online learning platform for practitioners, policymakers, researchers and civil society that promotes continuous learning to meet the present and future challenges around migration, integration and inclusion.

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Metropolis Institute

The Metropolis Institute is an independent non-profit think tank in the field of migration, integration and inclusion with a focus on public education and policy deliberation. To this end, we convene conferences and forums in Canada and abroad, conduct research and analysis as well as regularly disseminate our findings.

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