Envisioning the Future of the Immigrant-Serving Sector


Between 2021-2023, the Metropolis Institute will be conducting nationwide research to discover how to strengthen the immigrant-serving sector so that it is more responsive, collaborative, innovative, and sustainable. We’ll be identifying actionable solutions and new models by engaging service providers, newcomers, policymakers, employers and other stakeholders. Our solutions to strengthen the sector will then be tested during a piloting phase. Get involved and have an impact by:

• Sharing your views and opinions by completing our Service Provider Survey or Newcomer Survey
• Participating in our key informant interviews and focus groups
• Joining our network of Project Partners to help us test innovative pilot projects at your organization
• Participating in our knowledge mobilization activities

Stay in touch with us by joining our mailing list! To learn more, contact: sarah.kooi@acs-aec.ca

Our Partners


Anila Lee Yuen – Centre for newcomers
Christophe Berthet – Immigrant Quebec
Hyder Hassan – Immigrant Services Calgary
Jack Jedwab – ACS-Metropolis
John Shields – Ryerson University
Marco Campana – Consultant
Mark Patterson – Magnet
Patrick MacKenzie – IEC-BC
Raffi Markarian – IRCC
Usman Khan – Immigrant Services Calgary
Vicki Sinclair – MANSO
Wendy Cukier – Diversity Institute
Stephanie Wilson – Lighthouse Labs
Jake Hirsch-Allen – LinkedIn

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