The Association for Canadian Studies (ACS)

Mission: The ACS increases Canadians' knowledge of their country and provides platforms for cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary exchanges about the country’s past, present and future.
With over 20 years of experience conducting social research, the ACS has a long-standing reputation for anticipating where public discourse is heading, and disseminating knowledge that advances public discourse and evidence-based decision-making.

The Metropolis Institute

Mission: The Metropolis Institute advances research in the fields of migration, integration and inclusion to further public education and policy deliberation. Supporting cross-sectoral cooperation, the Metropolis Institute serves as a trusted bridge for interaction, dialogue and learning between practitioners, policymakers, researchers and civil society through national and multinational knowledge mobilization programs. We aim to provide reliable and timely research, data and analysis to enhance understanding of migration, integration and inclusion.

Land Acknowledgement

The head office of the Association for Canadian Studies is situated on land which has long been a site of meeting and exchange amongst Indigenous peoples, including the Anishinabeg and Haudenosaunee nations. We acknowledge and value the diverse Indigenous peoples who continue to live on this land where many now gather.