uMetropolis is practical online learning to meet present and future learning needs for our stakeholders - accessible, focused e-learning modules that leverage the collective expertise within the network. These modules are presented in engaging multimedia formats within a pedagogically robust framework. The courses provided are geared towards equipping learners with practical skills to tackle real-world challenges encountered within the immigration field. Additionally, uMetropolis boasts contributions from over 50 experts within the Metropolis network, with this pool of expertise continually expanding.

All courses are self-paced, asynchronous and may be started at any time. Find available courses below, or browse our viewbook.

Available Courses

Building for the future : Leadership perspectives from CEOs of settlement service provider organizations Service Provider Organizations (SPOs) in the immigration serving sector extensively impact the resettlement journey of millions of newcomers in Canada every year. As these organizations’ missions, values, and goals can help shape the future of Canada, their CEOs and senior management have an enormous responsibility in how they lead and support their staff. The transfer of leadership, knowledge, and work culture must be intentional to cultivate trust and respect across teams. These skills and approaches are not always easily transferable, and the more dialogue you can uncover, the more these actions and lessons learned may resonate with future generations of leaders in this essential sector. This module was created to feature a series of interviews with CEOs and senior management to share their insights and convey lessons that may support their successors and leaders from other organizations.

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Measuring Immigrant Integration in Canada
This course aims to provide a cross-sectoral understanding on the state of immigrant integration in Canada. The Canadian Index for Measuring Integration (CIMI) will be showcased as a practical tool that takes a comprehensive approach in measuring the outcomes of immigrants.

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Managing Immigration during a Global Health Crisis
This course will examine the principal challenges around migration and settlement encountered by Canadian immigrant service providers and policy-makers during the first 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic (March 2020 - January 2022).
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Course Syllabus Register here Immigrant Youth in Canada’s Labour Market
In Canada, despite high educational attainment, immigrant and refugee youth face higher unemployment and often end up in low-skilled, low-wage jobs compared to native-born peers (Shields and Lujan 2018; Statistics Canada 2019; Turcotte 2019). In response, World Education Services (WES) and the Canadian Council of Youth Prosperity (CCYP) launched a partnership in 2021, establishing a National Roundtable on Workforce Development for Immigrant Youth. They convened a National Town Hall in February 2022 to gather firsthand experiences and research insights. The resulting report informed WES's sector-wide initiatives and programming for immigrant and refugee youth in 2023. This uMetropolis course, developed by WES and the Metropolis Institute, delves into the report's findings, exploring the gap between immigrant and refugee youth's academic achievements and their challenges in entering the workforce.
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Navigating Francophone Immigration in Canada: Understanding, Collaboration, and Integration
As the demographic weight of francophones in Canada continues to diminish, immigration has become an even more pertinent issue to address when discussing the survival of Francophone minority communities across the country. Conversations about the increased diversity within the Francophonie Canadienne have largely been connected to the topic of immigration, and the array of states from which migrants are immigrating to Canada from; as a result, it is imperative to understand the impact that the intersection of immigration and diversity have on understandings of what it means to be Francophone across Canada.
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A Guide for Inclusive Municipalities
This toolkit is intended to help citizens, organizations, municipal elected officials, and employees understand and prepare for joining the Coalition. It provides information and practical advice about working with community stakeholders to develop and implement a Plan of Action to advance inclusion at the municipal level. Finally, it provides guidance on evaluating results and describing the impact of the Plan of Action.

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