Practical online learning to meet present and future learning needs for our stakeholders.

uMetropolis is an online learning platform that promotes continuous learning to meet the present and future challenges around migration, integration, and inclusion. The learning experience is centred on knowledge sharing from multiple perspectives. uMetropolis courses and learning modules draw upon the knowledge and expertise of global and national thought leaders, policy-makers, practitioners, migrants themselves, and researchers. The platform aims to expand knowledge about the process of migration, integration, and inclusion as well as best practices in service provision to newcomers.

uMetropolis courses combine video lectures from experts in the field, interactive e-learning activities and supplementary reading to provide learners with a practical insight on subjects related to migration, diversity and inclusion.

The primary audience for the platform is the Metropolis Canada network. The network has approximately 5,000 members, who are primarily researchers, settlement service providers, or community workers. Of the 241 respondents to a survey circulated by email to the Metropolis mailing list in June 2019, 95 percent expressed interest in e-learning targeted to the settlement sector.

Expert Contributors

Guiding Principles

Facilitate Knowledge Sharing
We are not the only knowledge holders. We ally with partners to bring the voices and resources into one place
Interdisciplinary and Cross-Sectoral Learning
The learning experience has contributions from as wide a range of disciplines and professions as possible.
Practical Learning
Learners are able to convert the knowledge into practical applications in their field.
Accessible Learning
Fewest barriers to participation in the online learning as possible regardless of knowledge level.

Courses coming soon

Measuring Immigrant Integration in Canada
This course aims to provide a cross-sectoral understanding on the state of immigrant integration in Canada. The Canadian Index for Measuring Integration (CIMI) will be showcased as a practical tool that takes a comprehensive approach in measuring the outcomes of immigrants.

A Guide to Inclusive Municipalities
This toolkit is intended to help citizens, organizations, municipal elected officials, and employees understand and prepare for joining the Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities.

Managing Immigration during a Global Health Crisis
This course will examine the principal challenges around migration and settlement encountered by Canadian immigrant service providers and policy-makers during the first 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic (March 2020 - January 2022).

The Challenge of Measuring Idenitites
This course will provide a historical overview of immigration in Canada, stressing the diversity of Canadian demographics by investigating various ethnic migrations and settlements, and explore the challenge of measuring and those identities.

uMetropolis will launch with a first series of courses in 2023. Please subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date.