The Metropolis Opinion Panel is an online survey panel dedicated to amplifying the voices of immigrants in Canada.

Share your opinions by completing online surveys on a wide range of topics about life in Canada for a chance to win prepaid VISA gift cards ranging from $50 to $300.

Our community includes immigrants and newcomers to Canada from all ages, regions, language backgrounds, and immigration histories.

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The Metropolis Opinion Panel (MOP) is an online survey panel dedicated to exploring the diversity of experiences of immigration and integration in Canada. It will be one of the largest immigrant panels in Canada and will enable comparison of experiences across geographies, immigration status, socio-demographics, and identity markers, thus reflecting the diversity of Canada’s immigrant population.

Panel members will be surveyed at regular intervals on a wide range of topics, including employment experiences and financial situation, social networks and civil society, language acquisition, access to health and social services, and more. Panel participants also have the chance of winning prepaid VISA gift cards ranging from $50 to $300.

The results that emerge from the contributions in these panels will provide valuable information for service providers, researchers, and policymakers in addressing the challenges and opportunities for immigrants and newcomers during the immigration and integration process, by drawing on key insights from the immigrants perspectives on how to make Canadian communities more inclusive.

If you would like to participate in our Metropolis Opinion Panel and were born outside of Canada, please click here.

After you join, you will automatically receive links to future surveys. With each survey you complete, you will be eligible to win prepaid gift cards of up to $300!

The Metropolis Institute is Canada’s premier independent research institute specialized in the field of migration, integration and inclusion.

The Metropolis Institute focuses on research and supports policy deliberations while serving as a key national and multinational platform for knowledge mobilization.

Independently, and in collaboration with partners such as Léger Marketing, an important part of our activity focuses on conducting quality research on what Canadians think about the issues that matter to them, whether issues related to diversity and inclusion, COVID-19 and its impacts, or official languages policy. This helps generate insights that contribute to improving the public debate around key issues and formulation of public policies.

Once you join our online survey panel, you will be invited to take a survey every couple of months. We will identify the survey topic, the rewards for taking part, and the approximate time needed to complete it (usually around 5 minutes). You are eligible to take part in every survey that you receive or you can decide to take part in a select few. The choice is yours.

The more surveys you take, the higher your chances of winning prepaid VISA gift cards! At every new survey, we will re-enter your name for the draw, thus multiplying your chances of winning. Prizes range from $50 to $300 gift cards.

You are also contributing to valuable research that will inform the work of policymakers, researchers and immigration service provider organizations.

How does it work?

  • For each individual survey, participants are entered into a draw to win $50 prepaid VISA gift cards.

  • At the end of the survey cycle, participants are entered into a draw to win prepaid VISA gift cards of $100, $250 and $300.

  • Your name is entered once for the first survey you complete, twice for the second survey, three times for the third survey… The more surveys you complete, the higher your chances of winning!

By taking part in more surveys you are also helping to generate quality research on issues that matter most to you.

Your privacy matters to us. This is why your data will never be shared with third parties, and the information you provide through the surveys will only be used for research and policymaking purposes.

Your responses are completely confidential. Only authorized research personnel from the Association for Canadian Studies – Metropolis Institute will have access to individual data. If there are others interested in the research, they will only have access to aggregated data, meaning that the information you provide in the surveys will not be attributed to you and your personal identity will be protected.