Across the Spectrum: Canadian and American views of the United Nations, self –assessed understanding of global conflicts and perceptions over prospects for peace

April 24, 2024

How knowledgeable are Canadians and Americans about global conflicts and how do they feel about their prospects for resolution? How do Canadians and Americans feel about the United Nations? To what extent do ideological preferences/orientations influence our perceptions around global conflicts and organizations like the UN that try to find solutions. In response to these questions, the Association for Canadian Studies and the Metropolis Institute commissioned the firm Leger Marketing to survey Canadians and Americans. The survey was conducted over the period February 23-26, 2024 with a sample of 1590 Canadians and 1005 Americans. A margin of error cannot be associated with a non-probability sample in a panel survey for comparison purposes. A probability sample of 1590 respondents would have a margin of error of ±2.5%, 19 times out of 20