Immigrant Youth in Canada’s Labour Market



Developed in partnership with World Education Services (WES)

This course lays out and expands upon the findings of WES’ Going the Distance: Immigrant Youth in Canada’s Labour Market report. It discusses the disconnect between immigrant and refugee youth’s high rates of academic success and the challenges they face when entering the labour force.

We acknowledge the generous contribution of the following experts to this course (listed in order of first appearance) :
• Dr. Susan M. Brigham, Professor, Faculty of Education, Mount Saint Vincent University;
• Monamee Ishika, Manager, WES Gateway Program
• Dr. John Shields, Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration, Toronto
Metropolitan University
• Javad Soltan, Program Manager of the Chance to Choose project, S.U.C.C.E.S.S
• Hannah Walsh, Facilitator, Immigrant Youth Employability Project, ISANS
• Kelly Frame, Coordinator of The Immigrant Youth Career Exploration Project, ISANS
• Mark Patterson, Executive Director, Magnet
We would further like to acknowledge the following immigrant youth for their candor in sharing
their own experiences and challenges (listed in order of first appearance) :
• Anukriti Randev
• Mehrnaz Haghverdi
• Prabhpreet Singh Bassi
• Volodymyr Burlachenko
• Praise Mugisho
• Farheen Meraj
• Karl Nazaire

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