Montreal Filipino Diaspora COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Project


The Montreal Filipino Diaspora COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Project is funded by the WES Mariam Assefa Fund, with the goal of promoting COVID-19 vaccine equity within Filipino communities of Montreal. Over six months until the end of 2021, we are undertaking a bilingual science communications campaign in English and Tagalog in order to facilitate trust and understanding, and address possible misunderstandings about the virus, the vaccines and the vaccination process. The goal is for the messages to come from within Filipino communities as the trusted source to help Filipino Montrealers stay safe. We are developing all materials in close partnership with the Filipino Association of Montreal and Suburbs (FAMAS), Migrante Quebec and Pinay Quebec.

Filipino Community Outreach Video - COVID-19 Vaccine Equity

Webinar on COVID-19 for the Montréal Filipino Diaspora

Materials available for download