The Association for Canadian Studies presents many forums, symposiums and conferences every year. ACS hosts events dedicated to the following two general thematic categories:

1) Canadian social studies and history 2) Diversity, multicultural, and multi-linguistic fabric of Canadian society

Our virtual or in-person events are either national or international in scope and range from one day webinars, and symposiums to two day forums to 3-5 day conferences.

National multi-day conference on Teaching Canadian History and Social Studies

The Association for Canadian Studies works in collaboration with Social Studies Teachers Associations to hold an annual national conference on teaching the history of Canada. The conference looks at the most effective methods to engage students and teach Canadian history and social studies, as well as how to address current issues and the relevance of history in our daily lives. Many of Canada’s leading academics, teachers and authors as well as researchers and representatives from museums, archives, government, non-governmental organizations, history organizations, publishers, and media attend as presenters, delegates and exhibitors every year.


Past Events

One-day forums

As part of the “Towards 150: Learning and Teaching Canadian History,” a series of events to encourage young people to learn more about Canada, the Association for Canadian Studies invited students, educators and the general public to attend a special panel discussion and launch of a new ACS publication entitled: A Historical Look at John A. Macdonald ? Seeing Canada’s First Prime Minister in the Context of His and our Times at the Canadian Museum of History, July 6, 2015.


Two-day forums

The Annual Forum on Measuring Identities focuses on how academics, policy-makers, civil society and researchers define and measure inclusion and look at promising practices in establishing societal inclusion. The forum offers a platform to reflect upon new and innovative models for inclusive societies. Most recently, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act, ACS hosted a national forum entitled Multiculturalism@50 that brought together leading thinkers from Canada and abroad to assess the state of multiculturalism domestically and in other immigrant receiving/pluralist countries